Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

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Why am I not losing weight? this is what pops into your head. Maybe you’ve been overweight since you were a child; you think you can change that today.


The problem with turning over a new leaf though, is that you can’t, you just fade.


When your child is at school you can tell them off for some behaviour for instance, if its not being picked up straight away then you can tell them to their parents and they’ll sort it out.


Imagine having that sort of power over yourself and being labelled if you’re not someone in just quick burst, a quick change shouldn’t effect your current weight.


You’ve probably had these thoughts,


“Why am I not losing weight.” “I’m no good, I’ve always been this heavy” “I couldn’t do it when I was younger, it’s too hard” “My whole body’s terrible and I hate it” “How could I change when everyone said that I was too heavy”


The reason those thoughts pop into your head is because you truly want an identity. 

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?


An identity takes time to create and it’s something that you dream about, it’s something that you’re desperate to possess and have it be natural.


Your identity for you means you’re a healthy, loving, caring person who has a fit body and a healthy mind.


But if for someone else, that’s labeled as lazy and savouring –


Then they may well have a weight problem and it may be causing us a painful relationship.


Have you ever thoughts of that?


“Why am I not losing weight, I really want to be a size 12 or 14” “I get that I’m heavier than usual, but it doesn’t bother me” “I don’t want to be obese” “I want to change shapes” “I want to be a size 8 or a size 10”


All those identity based peices up with a judgement based peice of thought; a belief that another person’s view of you is not true and you deserve to be a happier, healthier happier person.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?


Whatever identity we think of and believe ourselves to be in our all day life, it sticks around until we change it or until we need to uncover it so we can stop it.


No one wants to choose for a life that sucks no matter their shape and weight or dress size and gender.


No one drinks salt from the earth and oils on their food.


No one wants to be obese and it’s OK to be happy with both body shape and dress size, even if they are overweight.


So is there a way that we can reprogram the identity to one that makes us feel happier, fulfilled and envious of those around us?


With a bit of effort and patience, through the course of a series of mediums in many different cultures as children and teenagers, I did manage to change my identity to one that supports the size 8 looking fab I know I am.


So at some level I never liked the image of myself on the far right hand corner of my magazine cover as a fat l fireplace because that was how I felt when I had no control over what I ate and when I could not exercise.


So yes, you can change the identity but it will always remain as a bit of a mystery to yourself.


Why I am still fat though, is that bit that’s embedded in your head.


On the other hand your identity can be consuming and decadent, it makes sense to make it redu87ally instead of totally.


You need to unleash that decided, fighting aspect and replace that with a loving and determined effort, not on the whole Happiness alone can help you change your shape and weight, but so can a combination of the two – happiness and positive change.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight?